Monday, March 19, 2012

Host an Adventure Trail Clinic in your area and Mark and Dusty will visit the charity of your choice with you.

All you need is 12 people @ $335.00 per horse/rider and a place to trail ride, then call to schedule! Clinic hosts receive $335.00 or a free slot in the clinic.
Mark Peterson is "Breaking the Language Barrier" in the animal world, far exceeding widely-held beliefs on animal intelligence and capacity for language and communication.You actually get two great clinics that benefit all equestrians; "Breaking the Language Barrier" and "The Complete Trail Riding Clinic".

The true beauty of THE ADVENTURE TRAIL CLINIC is where they are held; in your area with your friends or clients.

Imagine how much you and your horse would benefit from a fully guided trail riding clinic with renowned wildlife behaviorist, tracker and horseman. With Mark's experience organizing countless horseback expeditions in the back country, your group will be in very good hands. Mark and Dusty will not only show you a softer, gentler style of communication, but a number of maneuvers to help calm your horse on the trail and go further down the trail safely.

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