Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gaited Trail Horse Clinic with Mark and Dusty

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO TRUST A HORSE WITH YOUR LIFE? Mark Peterson will show you. He calls it “horse leadership”. When you meet Mark and Dusty, you will see it for real. “Gaited Trail Horse Leadership” with Mark Peterson, owner of Dusty, the amazing horse, is a practicum in horse communication and confidence building for horse and rider. Mark's easy teaching style provides gaited horse riders with practical, "I can use this today" instruction. Mark’s principles can be applied in any riding situation. Unlike some gaited horse clinicians, Mark Peterson emphasizes methods that will truly make you your horse’s leader and keep you safe on the trail. The two day Gaited Trail Horse Leadership program is for gaited horse equestrians involved in: • Trail riding for pleasure • Adventure horse riding • ACTHA events • Endurance competitions • The Three Phase Event for gaited horses • Backcountry horsemen