Monday, March 28, 2011

Mark and Dusty's Nationwide Goodwill Tour

Corporate Sponsors

Mark and Dusty are preparing to travel around the country visiting Ronald McDonald Houses and other national children's hospitals. On this tour they will bring cherished moments into the lives of very special children. Dusty loves making children smile, and they adore him. His ability to interact with children is the dynamic combination of a sports star and animal celebrity all in an extra-large cuddly package. The children and their parents can then follow their new best friend around the country on Facebook; Dusty's Fan Page

Dusty and his friend, Mark Peterson are breaking the language barrier in the animal world, far exceeding widely-held beliefs on animal intelligence and capacity for language and communication. Dusty's grasp for the human language and the use of tools is proof of that. Through his special style of training and communication, Mark is teaching us how to get more out of all of our relationships.

Mark and Dusty will be touring the U.S. making presentations and giving demonstrations. They will focus not only on human-animal communication, but on "kind communication" (TM), Mark's methodology for creating positive, constructive relationships based on respect and kindness.

You can be a part of this incredible, nationwide goodwill story as a featured sponsor of Mark and Dusty's tour. Regardless of your business model, the enormous personal presence of Mark Peterson and his horse, Dusty, offers an opportunity for your company to be a part of the media blitz covering this unfailingly entertaining, informative and positive tour. Contact Mark and learn more about corporate sponsorships and how you can be part of this very unique Goodwill Tour.

"The children at Ronald McDonald House were mesmerized by Dusty. He showed great patience and kindness, he seemed to have a sense of his importance to these children. I was truly impressed by Dusty's focus on the children and his calm manner in letting them enjoy his performance."

Meg Katzman
President and CEO
Ronald McDonald House Charities Upper Midwest

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