Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dusty’s Real Life Adventures
Goodwill Ambassador from the Wilderness

Dusty is a very special Kentucky Mountain Horse. He and his sister Daisy May and their best friend Blazer, travel all over the country tracking wildlife in the remote wilderness for TV and web based projects. When not on assignment in the wilderness, Dusty enjoys meeting new friends in various cities across the country. He is regularly involved in doing goodwill for charities such as the Ronald McDonald House and friendly ‘Meet & Greets’ in a variety of public places. Dusty can be found raising crowds of young and old alike who gather for his kisses and autographs at fairs, expos, restaurants, shopping centers and more. Dusty’s fans follow his travels and adventures on Facebook. Dusty’s Facebook Fan Page puts his followers into the wild along with Dusty and his friends. His fans enjoy being invited to join in all his travel destinations which are shared with daily posts of photos, comments or video clips.

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