Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wildlife behaviorist, Mark Peterson, has spent more than 20 years tracking and studying wildlife in the wilderness of North America. He has led and guided expeditions of film crews, and wildlife researchers into remote areas on horseback for study and filming.
A highly motivated and gentle trainer, Peterson also teaches clinics in horsemanship. He has a unique understanding of animal behaviors, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of animal body language, giving him insight to create a kind of language that has transformed even high spirited horses into a calmer, happier animal.
With the help of his horse, Dusty, Peterson’s "Breaking the Language Barrier” clinic employs ground breaking techniques that create a desire in the horse to truly listen for its next verbal cue, keeping the horse more in tune with the rider.
The program provides better communication between human and horse. This, in itself, helps to develop a special bond between horse and rider that is stronger than anything imagined before.
Tapping into a whole new realm of communication, Peterson’s program focuses on two vital areas, "The Complete Trail Riding Clinic" and a softer, gentler communication for horse and rider." Breaking the Language Barrier."
To see the results of this amazing new training concept, watch the videos at
Both of these exiting new DVD's will be released at the IEF during the World Equestrian Games where Mark and Dusty will be speaking and Performing twice a day for the entire 16 days of this event.

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